Caprilli B-Litter 2003/GB

Rocca Al Mare Congregare

Rocca Al Mare Congregare

"Gregor"   (SWE/NL)

Queeny vom Hause Baltino

Queeny vom Hause Baltino

"Tara"   (GER)

About the Caprilli B-Litter

From the first litter I had a good idea what Tara would pass on and I knew that we needed a dog, that was less tall in the leg. I still wanted to stay within the family, so I used a half-brother to the sire of the first litter bred.

We had moved to the UK since the first litter so instead of being able to drive two hours up the road, I now had to take a trip from the UK to the NL to meet up with Gregor, who I had known for years. Thirteen puppies where born, one was stillborn, and one more died within hours after delivery.

Six of the puppies where patched, we had one blue eye and one unilateral hearing puppy. All others where bilateral and the type was very harmonious in comparison to the prior litter. We kept Caprilli's Bon Voyage in co-ownership, who later became the mother to the Caprilli E-Litter.

All puppies had a wonderful disposition and almost all lived to 14-15 years of age.

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