The Caprilli C-Litter 2004/GB

Alphadirato Copyright

Alphadirato Copyright

"Mr. Right"   (EST)

About the Caprilli C-Litter

The C-Litter was born in the UK and took a lot of doing. Dad had to travel all the way from the middle of Russia to Finland and we took Fancy from the UK to Finland for the meeting. Anything else would have been impossible as it was not allowed to take a dog into Russia and bring it back to the UK. Craaazy? Yes, totally but the offspring is behind many great dogs today.

We had seven puppies, one stillborn. All with dark eyes, no patches and one unilateral hearing puppy. In this litter we had Caprilli's Cool As Ice JW (Monty), grand sire of Caprilli's I Have a Dream, who in turn is the grandsire of Caprillis Panache Over Sassafras. Sadly, Monty died in a car accident at just under three years of age, having sired only three litters. Caprilli's Chili Hot Pepper became the mother of the Caprilli's F-Litter and Caprilli's Cotton Candy, had one litter for Jean Pierre Achtergael in Belgium.

Caprilli's Cruising on Air went to Estonia where he was co-owned between Leelo Ratas (Alphadirato) and Kätlin Und (Dalylove). Dandy was a small dog of 59 cm, which was not a popular size at the time but in his few litters he passed on his mother’s charm and expression to his offspring. Dalylove Forceful Flint and two of his sisters had offspring again for kennel Dalylove and Denola.

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