Caprilli E-Litter 2006/GB

Alphadirato Emperor

Alphadirato Emperor

"Louis"   (EST)

Caprilli's Bon Voyage

Caprilli's Bon Voyage

"Pebbles"   (GB)

About the Caprilli E-Litter

The Caprilli E-Litter was born and raised in GB. We had twelve puppies in this litter. One with double blue eyes and one of unilateral hearing. All others were bilateral and had dark eyes. The litter was very even in both temperament and conformation.

I kept Caprilli's Elfin Isadora in co-ownership and had others as a backup but sadly, due to us moving again, none were ever bred. This does still bother me some 13 years later. Whilst one puppy died at the age of 2, all others lived and live to a ripe old age.

Their temperaments are incredibly balanced, and they are all around beautiful dogs.

Caprilli E-Litter Gallery

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