The Caprilli J-Litter 2012/USA

Fiacre's Felix Felicis

Fiacre's Felix Felicis

"Gryffindor"   (USA)

About the Caprilli J-Litter

The J-Litter was born on the 29.09.2012 and was our first venture into LUA breeding. The eight Dalmatian Puppies where all hearing bilaterally and all had dark eyes. Four of the Puppies carried the healthy LUA Gene, two of the HUA (normal Dalmatians) Puppies where patched. So far Caprilli’s Justin Time (LUA) has gained multiple titles and was able to win a couple of Best in Breed’s too with group placings. He lives with the Pfannenschmids in Germany, where he has also obtained his breeding allowance which is a thorough conformation judgement and temperament test.

He has sired a number of litters throughout Europe and I am very proud of his offspring. His sister Kegan remained in my co-ownership and she became the mother to the Caprilli L and O-Litter. Otto, who also carries the LUA Gene developed his spotting rather late and we have therefore decided that he will not feature in any breeding program. Loki, who lives in Chicago and has become a working Dalmatian was sadly never used, partially because his co-owner was very difficult to get hold off. It would have been nice to see him feature in our breeding program. Our J's can be found on the OFA database.

Caprilli J-Litter Gallery 6+ Weeks

    Caprilli J-Litter Gallery

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