The Caprilli O-Litter 2017/USA

Esquire N Hallmark Born This Way

Esquire N Hallmark Born This Way

"Timmy"   (USA)

About the Caprilli O-Litter

In 2015 Kegs already had a wonderful litter with Zorbas - the Caprilli L-Litter. This gave us a good idea in which direction we should look for the stud dog of her second and also last litter. Her and Timmy, have a lot of features in common, including their very playful personality. On May the 1st Kegs gave birth to six puppies. Two girls and four boys with an even split of liver and black spotts. Kegs and Timmy also gave their best in regards to LUA. Four puppies carry the gene for low uric acid. For the first time in ten years, we also had one puppy with one blue eye. One puppy was of unilateral hearing whilst all others had dark eyes and are bilateral hearing.

Please follow the links in the pedigree to find out more about their relatives. Individual dogs pages, also contain a link to their OFA website, where all their health records are kept. Both Timmy and Kegs have their CHIC numbers.  I co-own two of the LUA puppies and only hope, that I will be given the opportunity to breed from at least one. Moving around the globe, whilst breeding Dalmatians, is not easy and I am very grateful for all the support, that I receive from my co-owners and friends.

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                The O's during Birth

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