Caprilli's Jewel of the Heart "Kegan"


Dob: 29/09/2012
N/hu (LUA)
HD: Good
Thyroid: Normal
DM: clear
Heigth: 57cm
Weight: 27kg
Full dentition
Black and White (BbEE)

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Caprilli L-Litter 2015
Caprilli O-Litter 2017

About Kegs

Kegan, Kegs or Keggers are some of her names. She is part of our Caprilli J-Litter, which was our first venture into breeding LUA Dalmatians. She does carry one copy of the healthy Gene which means that she will in turn pass it on to 50% of her offspring.

Kegs has a wonderful nature and really is up for anything. Nothings scares her and she just LOVES water, playing for hours with hose pipes and water buckets. She has a mind of her own without being out of control, which makes her a lovely stable nature.

She is a fantastic Mum to her Puppies and will nurse and educate them as it should be. We are over the moon with the two litters that she has had for the Caprilli Affix and hope, that despite our move from the US to Germany, we can keep her offspring in the breeding program.

She belongs to Denise Diehm, who not only takes exceptional care of her but has also become a close friend to our family. Thank you and Travis, for all that you do and for who you are.

Kegs Puppy Gallery

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