Caprillis Papa Don't Preach - "Beba"


DoB: 21/02/2018

Black and White (BbEE)

She is too young.

About Beba

Beba is the full litter sister to Harlow and part of our Caprilli P-Litter.She belongs to Kateřina Nikolić of Raul Dalmatians near Prague and is co-owned by me. I hope that I will be able to raise a littler from her over the next few years to keep a bitch puppy for myself as all my co-owned girls had to stay with their owners in California. I had plans to co-own her in California.when I learned of our move back to Europe. The P's where about four weeks old at the time. 

It was hard making the decision between Beba and her sister Reign as both are stunning girls. What made me decide on taking Beba back to Europe is her fantastic croup and tailset, which has become so rare in Dalmatians. Her disadvantage is some open nose pigment, which will make it very hard for her in the show ring. Somehow it seems to matter more than not being able to move properly or being of poor overall quality. I really look forward to seeing what the future will hold for Beba, Kateřina and myself. Right now I am just glad that I was able to bring her across the big Pond.