Jilloc's "Fancy" me at Millview ♥


Dob: 07/10/2000 - 21/08/2014 ♥
Full dentition
Height: 55cm
Weight: 25 kg
Black and White (BBEE)

Caprilli C-Litter (2004)
Caprilli D-Litter (2005)
Caprilli G-Litter (2007)
About Fancy

Fancy was our always mischievous and naughty little Madame, with more charm than a few words and pictures can describe. We are so proud of her achievements as a family pet, a great mom, a show dog, and a comedian. She had a huge will to please and would retrieve anything from everywhere.

If you took too long to throw the dummy for her, she would leap a meter high in the air, and if the lake happened to be frozen where her stick had landed, she would crack the ice but bring it back to you with a tail wagging so hard that it hurts both her and others. Magpie was her second name and no mobile phone or electric razor was safe in her range whilst she was a youngster. At over thirteen years of age she prefered to laze under the Californian sun or would sometimes go for a dip in the pool. We had to let our gorgeous girl go, just weeks before her fourteenth birthday.

With her beautifully dark eyes and deep black spots on a bright white base coat she was very pretty. She was bred by Florence Brunberg-Johanson of Jilloc's Fame in Sweden and we are extremely grateful that she has trusted us with this little jewel. Fancy is mom to our C, D and G-Litter, Grandma, Great-Grandma and Great-Great-Grandma to many around the world, including multiple BIS winners. Simply our gorgeous girl!

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